Mastervolt names ProMariner distributor for the Netherlands

Allpa will handle aftersales and OEM accounts throughout the country

Mastervolt, a Dutch subsidiary of Power Products LLC in the US, has chosen Allpa to distribute its ProMariner battery chargers in the Netherlands. “Allpa is one of the strongest wholesale companies in the northwest of Europe,” says Pieter Eggermont of Mastervolt. Headed by CEO Mark Rutgers, Allpa will handle aftersales as well as OEM accounts for ProMariner chargers from its base in the Netherlands, close to the German border. ProMariner offers a complete line of fully automatic, watertight battery chargers ranging from 6 to 60 amps, in both 12V and 24V versions. The company claims to be the largest manufacturer of 100% waterproof chargers in the US, where they are installed in boat brands such as Boston Whaler, Quick Silver, Sea Ray, Chaparral, Rinker and more.

source: IBIPlus (16 June 2016)


Bavaria Yachts extends supply agreement with Allpa

Dutch firm Allpa has now been asked to supply shaftlines and hydraulic steering for the new Bavaria E40

Long-term supplier of steering systems to Bavaria Yachts, Dutch firm Allpa has now been asked to supply shaftlines and hydraulic steering for the new Bavaria E40, a brand new powerboat from the German builder. Formerly known as Project DA10, the first prototype of the Bavaria E40 will make its debut this Spring. From the start of the powerboat-manufacturing by Bavaria, Allpa has been a supplier of the necessary technical equipment. ''We are satisfied with the Shaftlines, propellers and Steering Systems as supplied by Allpa'', says the German boatbuilder in a statement, adding that technical support for this was coming from Vripack to make sure the equipment will perform flawlessly. Allpa remains the main supplier of the steering systems of the German boatbuilder.

source: IBIPlus (31 March 2016)


Zipwake chooses Allpa

Marine equipment wholesaler has become Zipwake distributor for Benelux and Germany

Allpa Marine Equipment has become Zipwake distributor for Benelux and Germany. The Netherlands-based wholesaler has been operating in the region since earlier this year. Commenting on the appointment, Goran Fredin from Zipwake says: “We are happy with Allpa and the way they drive the sales and contribute to expand Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System’s market presence.” Allpa keeps a large stock for optimal delivery performance and also provides technical support. “If we face a more complex or sophisticated application we turn to Zipwake to find the solution together,” explains Mark Rutgers of Allpa.

source: IBIPlus (26 January 2016)


SmartFuse: Battery Watch + Fuse + Main Switch

The Smartfuse is a battery guard + fuse which can detect under voltage, over voltage, over load and then disconnect the circuit. The voltage- and current values are programmable. The Smartfuse can also be used with a remote switch as a Main Switch. After shutdown the Smartfuse will let charge current through to the battery. Only when an “on” voltage has been reached, it is possible to get again current/power from the battery. Instead of three different individual products, you only need no.1 Smartfuse .No danger of explosion by sparkless switching. 

source: IBIPlus (3 August 2012)



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